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What Our Clients think

Don't just take our word for it!

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"Having an actual introduction to sports, as someone who grew up not being able to do PE, has actually been life changing I’d say.


Growing up I wasn’t allowed to do anything, had to sit and watch. But actually being given a session by someone who knows what they’re doing and being able to adapt each exercise and not having any limitations has been… its really changed a lot and going forwards it’s something that I’m like ‘oh I can do this at home and I can do this’ and I feel comfortable and confident doing it”



“Absolutely fantastic


I can tell you that throughout the course the trainers have been brilliant, so empathetic towards my needs and everybody elses needs. They’ve encouraged teamwork all the way through and it’s a real benefit to me at home. I am so much more confident now using my prosthetic and I feel a lot more agile.


I’ve loved it, every minute of it”

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"Since starting strength training with Katy I have noticed such a difference in myself - feeling fitter and more toned.


Katy is a great trainer who knows exactly how to pitch her sessions to motivate and challenge but not so tough it puts you off!

What I love is Katy explains why we're doing each exercise and how they link into my long term goals. As someone who avoids the gym it's great to be able to enjoy workout sessions and see progress."

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